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"I LOOOOVE this! This is the best thing to happen to karaoke since.....KARAOKE!!!"
Bruce O.
Saint Landy, LA USA

Yes, you really can download high-quality karaoke songs
  As you are reading this, hundreds of karaoke singers just like you are downloading quality karaoke songs - FREE. We will show you this closely guarded secret and how it's done.
All types of karaoke are available:
Pop Rock
Gospel Oldies / Standards
Country Urban
Hip Hop Christmas
Holidays NEW songs!
I can't say enough to praise you people.. thank you so much!"
Mike S.
Ewing, NJ USA
Why you need The Computer-Karaoke Guide™
Setup is easy and you'll be downloading your favorite karaoke songs in just minutes.
What if you do want to buy a disc, but don't know which "version" (Sound Choice, Sunfly, etc.) is best? Now, you can download and decide for yourself!
You probably don't want to spend $15-30 for one disc that may have, at best, 2 good songs on it.
Over the years, new sites have appeared selling home-made songs and passing them off as "professional" recreations. Don't get sucked into that nonsense. You will have the knowledge and tools to download REAL karaoke songs.
Your time has value. Why spend days scouring the Internet only to wind up disappointed? Everything you need is here!
"I've been a Disc Jockey for over 20 years, started doing karaoke in the mid 80's. This is the best thing that I have ever come across. My hats off to you for sharing this.. I'm in heaven :)"
Evan P.
Fullerton CA, USA
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Exclusive how-to videos!
The Computer-Karaoke Guide™
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